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500 - 11,000 m3/h

Duct Fans

Duct fans are used to ventilate rooms such as offices, cloakrooms, gyms, and toilets. Thanks to their rectangular cross-section, they can be easily mounted on the ventilation duct. Thanks to the use of a 3-stage electric motor, the centrifugal fan operates quietly and provides the desired efficiency.

What are the general features of duct fans?

Duct fans are made of rectangular galvanized sheet metal. Connection flanges on the suction and discharge sides allow easy connection to the air duct.

All duct fans have space for a G4 filter or a metal filter on the air inlet side. It is used together with the filter when used as a fan. The devices use directly coupled centrifugal fans. The electric motors are standardly 3-speed. The fan motors are powered by 220 V.

What are duct fans used for?

They are used in small and medium-sized ventilation projects. Duct fans are manufactured in a very compact design. It can be used both as an aspirator and a fan by changing the connection direction. Duct fans ensure practical use thanks to flange connections. It is preferred in ventilation systems installed for comfort. It works very quietly and efficiently. Provides the desired performance by adjusting the speed.

Are there advantages to ducted fans over other systems?

Duct fans are highly preferred due to their quick installation. The capacity range of 500, 1000, 1500, 2000 m3/h allows their use in all types of small-scale projects. It is especially used in toilet ventilation. The small dimensions are more advantageous than other aspiration systems. Quiet systems do not disturb the environment when installed on the roof floor.

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