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HVAC System Engineering. We are here to add value to your projects with our innovative designs!

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We have been providing HVAC solutions for the most demanding customers for almost 30 years. 


Large-scale retail facilities, retail parks, free-standing facilities, chain stores


Construction companies (general contractors/assembly companies), investors, designers, engineers


Logistics centers, halls, service premises, company buildings and other large-scale facilities


Production and industrial plants of various sizes, assembly halls, warehouses and other such facilities

Why Nexvent?

Nexvent HVAC

Project done on time

Deadlines are our priority. We deliver projects on time, saving your valuable time and resources. We ensure professionalism, careful planning and efficient progress. Choose us to have your project completed on time.

Always Available

We are always available to our clients, ensuring effective communication and immediate assistance. We answer questions, provide support and ensure easy communication through various contact channels. You can rely on us every step of the way, guaranteeing satisfaction and excellent service.


Professional & Responsible

Our team consists of highly qualified specialists, dedicated to delivering quality results. We approach projects with experience and attention to detail. Professionalism, punctuality and responsibility are our priority. You can trust us in the implementation of your project.



We are a Seller and Contractor of Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Heating Installations - Your Partner in Comprehensive HVAC Solutions. Our company has had many successful projects that we have implemented in accordance with the individual needs and expectations of our clients. As an experienced air conditioning and ventilation contractor, as well as mechanical contractors, our qualified employees have professional knowledge and experience that guarantees optimal design and installation of the installation.

Regardless of the scale and complexity of the project, we are ready to meet the most demanding challenges, providing professional services at the highest level. Our advanced technical knowledge allows us to respond quickly to any problems and provide lightning-fast repairs when needed. Through regular inspections and maintenance, we ensure that installations operate optimally and remain energy efficient, resulting in long-term energy and operating cost savings.

By choosing our company as a mechanical works and heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) contractor, you gain a trusted partner who will perfectly understand your needs and provide solutions perfectly tailored to your project. Our approach is based on professionalism, flexibility and concern for customer satisfaction. Regardless of the type of building or application, our company is ready to take on any challenge and bring its expertise to the project.

Contact us today to start working with us on your HVAC installation. We are ready to act and we are sure that together we will create innovative, energy-saving and comfortable solutions that will meet your expectations and contribute to the success of your construction project.chilled water unit price - air handling unit with heat recovery price - air handling units manufacturer in Poland


Our company specializes in comprehensive heating services for various facilities. Thanks to the extensive experience and professional knowledge of our qualified employees, we design and manufacture effective heating systems that ensure optimal thermal conditions in every room. We make sure to use energy-saving solutions that allow maximum use of heat and minimize operating costs. Our goal is to provide you not only with comfort, but also with savings and energy efficiency.




Our company offers comprehensive ventilation services, which are key to ensuring a healthy and comfortable indoor environment in various facilities. We design and install modern ventilation systems that guarantee proper air circulation, removal of pollutants and maintaining appropriate humidity. Our knowledge in the field of ventilation allows us to create solutions tailored to the specificity of each facility, ensuring comfort and safety for users.



We are a leading supplier of comprehensive air conditioning solutions. Our company specializes in the design, installation and service of various air conditioning systems, tailored to the needs of each client. Thanks to advanced technologies such as inverter air conditioners, we ensure not only a comfortable temperature, but also energy efficiency and environmental protection. Our team of qualified specialists provides comprehensive service, and our commitment to innovation makes us ready for the future, providing the latest HVAC solutions.

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