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2,500 - 15,000 m3/h

Hygienic Air Handling Unit

Package air handlers, which can perform precision air conditioning used in operating rooms, intensive care, clean rooms and the aerospace industry, are designed to maintain air quality above specified standards.

To ensure ventilation in accordance with DIN 1946/4 standards, fresh air is passed through G-4, F-7, F-9 and H-13 quality filters. All components used inside are made of stainless steel. There are no recesses or protruding surfaces on the internal surfaces of hygienic air handling units that could trap dust and dirt. The amount of heat, particles, moisture and oxygen in the air blown from the air handling unit to the clean zone can be precisely controlled. The DX battery is used as a heat source in hygienic air handling units. In air handling units with a DX coil, the heating and cooling process takes place in the heat pump cycle.

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