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4,8 - 33 kW


Refrigeration groups for cooling water have a very wide range of applications. They are preferred due to their comfortable use and used in power plants, production plants, the food sector, the mold industry and many other areas, also for sports purposes. Chilled water is easily transferred to the desired location using the system's internal installations. Ready-to-use chilled water is used in mold cooling processes in manufacturing plants that require cold water, using central air conditioners and fan coil units.

These are devices that provide air conditioning using heat-laden fluids from cold water generators and heating boilers. Fan coil units are produced in various capacities. Power range 4.8 kW 27.9 kW is produced in different models. They are widely used in stores in shopping malls, business centers, bank branches. Infrastructure Can be produced as 2 or 4 pipe according to the design. Directly coupled centrifugal fans are standardly used in fan coil units. The fan motors are mounted in the air return.

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