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4,500 - 20,000 m3/h

Axial Fans

Axial fans are devices designed for rapid air transfer. Fans with a cylindrical cross-section are used with a duct connection or for free air discharge. Axial fans are integrated with jet fan ventilation systems in parking lots, which allows the collected air to be delivered to the floor level. Axial fans can be used both as aspirators and ventilators.

What are the general features of a Roof air conditioner?

Roof type air conditioners are manufactured in a compact form. The design of the device casing is based on special bending techniques that increase durability and is based on a steel structure. The thickness of the sheet metal used, depending on the surface, is from 1.2 mm to 2.0 mm and is galvanized. In addition to galvanizing, the sheet metal used is also powder coated. Roof-type air conditioners are built on a solid frame that includes elements for attaching ropes and special sections for fork lifting. Capacitor fans are used as axial fans with an external rotor. Scroll compressors are used independently in two-, three- or four-stage cooling systems. The condenser and evaporator streamers are made of copper pipes and aluminum plates. Aspirators and fans use direct drive using plug fans. Rooftop air conditioners use environmentally friendly R407c and R410a gases.

What is a Roof air conditioner used for?

Roof air conditioners, also called package air conditioners, are used in multi-function air conditioning systems where both supply and particle transfer are needed. Roof air conditioners with plug fans enable more efficient and reliable ventilation. They are used in jet fan ventilation systems in parking lots, which allows air to flow down to floor level. Roof air conditioners can be used both as aspirators and fans.

Are Roof air conditioners replacements for other systems?

Rooftop air conditioners work more efficiently than their counterparts. The absence of a belt mechanism and pulley minimizes performance losses. Plug fans generate high pressure using backward-sloping blades, which allows for a long connection to the air duct. The air output from the unit can be easily adjusted by replacing a single panel board in the housing. Double wall panels are made of high density stone wool insulation between two walls.

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